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We are a family run property company specialising in developing beautifully designed residential, mixed-use and commercial developments in Greater London & the Home Counties.

What we do

We are passionate about property development, and love transforming undervalued assets into high quality spaces.
Our vision is to create a unique model of residential, mixed use and commercial developments which evolve to best meet the changing needs of society where live, work and play intermingle.

Property Development

First and foremost we develop and transform properties into beautifully designed smart homes for young professionals predominantly in Greater London & the Home Counties.

We work with a carefully selected team of specialist development partners with deep expertise in their respective areas to ensure we continue to deliver innovative, desirable and profitable projects.

Using our skills and experience, we ensure profitable projects by sourcing the right development opportunities; identifying opportunities to add further value through innovative design; leveraging Planning policies; and careful cost control to ensure sustainable future growth.

Development Management

Using our knowledge, experience, and network, we can provide a consultancy and development management service for those looking to invest and embark on larger property development projects.

We work with a select number of high net-worth clients to source suitable residential and mixed-use development opportunities. We help professionally appraise these opportunities, undertake due diligence and work with them on their acquisition. These are partners that we have pre-qualified to have the required funding in place, and ability to execute on the project.

In some instances, we take on a further Development Management role in ensuring successful completion and delivery of the project.

Our Core Values

Our values are at the front and centre of everything we do. For our partners, funders and investors this means professionalism, prudence and profitability. For our customers, this means innovative, high quality and value.


For all stakeholders, we pride ourselves on full transparency, integrity and honesty on every aspect of how we operate. This is most fundamental to us and ensuring that we always act in the way we would want others to with us


We take an organised, systematic approach to our projects to ensure we take a prudent approach to anticipate and mitigate risks on our projects that enable successful delivery of our projects on time and well within budget whilst meeting the highest standards of health, safety and environmental standards


This means sourcing the right opportunities; identifying opportunities to add further value through innovative design; leveraging Planning potential; and careful cost control to ensure we deliver profitable delivery and sustainable future growth


At the heart of all our developments – be it a residential, commercial or mixed-use development, is to create a sustainable, positive difference to the local community. When planning our sites, we always carefully listen to the local community and ensure that what we create meets this local demand


A big reason ‘why’ for us is to be able to give back to others such as through our carefully selected charities to empower communities.

Who We Are

With over a decade of experience in property investment and development, along with an award winning team of trusted and experienced professionals, we create profitable solutions for our investors and partners.

Our developments are designed with a focus on Convenience, Quality & Value – the most important factors to our target market.

We pride ourselves on having the highest level of morals, ethics and service.

Mitul Shah - Freedom Property Investments

Mitul Shah

Shrina Shah Freedom Property Investments

Shrina Shah


Rani House – Whetstone
Rani House - Whetstone -Kitchen Benskin Rd -Watford - Freedom Property Investments
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Northwick Park – Harrow
Northwick Park – Harrow- Kitchen Benskin Rd -Watford - Freedom Property Investments
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Benskin Rd – Watford
Benskin Rd – Watford -Kitchen Benskin Rd -Watford - Freedom Property Investments
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Land & Commercial Site Acquisition

We are always looking for development opportunities in the London & Home Counties regions – from plots of land to commercial premises.

If you have or know of any such sites, with or without planning permission, please get in touch

Corporate Responsibility

“Freedom” is the essence of our investments and journey with property. It is about being able to ultimately enable others less fortunate to achieve their highest potential.

We support a charity in Kenya, called  Amara Charitable Trust. This charity supports young children in rural Kenya to empower their lives and help give them the freedom of education.

Amara Charitable Trust - Freedom Property Investments

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